Welcome to Jack Hardwear!

Jack Hardwear is making a big change to support an investment in the future of New Zealand. We all know that maintaining, and growing, the quality of the Kiwi education system is absolutely vital to the future of New Zealand as a nation.

At Safebrands, we believe passionately in our responsibility to invest in our children's future. Every year, millions of Kiwi families donate or provide 'top-up' funds to their kid's schools. We all know what that is like. School Principles all over New Zealand have to scrap and scrap for every dollar just to provide a standard education service and run a school effectively.

Safebrands has been supplying schools for many years. It is through these dealings that we have been inspired to make a change to our business model and really make a positive difference to the education of our kids.

Safebrands Limited will be rebranding our Jack Hardwear website to www.fundtheschools.co.nz*. Your current Jack Hardwear username and password will work with www.fundtheschools.co.nz and you can continue to shop as per normal.

“Fund the Schools” is a bold initiative that gives all parents the opportunity to make a big difference to their kids schools. It's simple, you pay no more and you can help your school! Simply nominate your school at point of registration and 'Fund the Schools will gift 10% of the net sale (excluding taxes and freight) to your nominated school.

We have introduced different suppliers and products that every family or business needs. Over 15,000 products are available to be purchased. The range of categories includes:

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Home & Living
  • Safety & Workwear
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Stationary
  • Technology
  • Tools & Accessories
  • Gift Certificates

All donations to the school are transparently reported and parents will be kept informed, through school newsletters, of the progress being made and updates on product expansion.

Over the coming months you will see and hear much more about Fund the Schools. We are proud to be involved in this vital initiative and look forward to helping people make the important and necessary investment in their child's education and the future of New Zealand.

Help www.fundtheschools.co.nz help your school.

Kind Regards,
Murray McCallum
Safebrands Limited